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Everything you need to be kept up to date with the latest commercial kitchen HSE regulations with HVAC document downloads; plus all ACK product range catalogue price lists.

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ACK Price Lists

Full Catalogue Price List

The full version of our 2019 catalogue price list.

ACK Catalogue Price List 2019


Medium Duty Wok Cooker Range

A top quality wok cooker at exceptional value – a good choice to serve a busy takeaway or smaller restaurant.

ACK Catalogue price list medium duty range wok wooker


Heavy Duty Wok Cooker Range

Our premium quality wok cooker, suitable for busy takeaways, restaurants and hotels.

ACK Catalogue price list heavy duty range wok wooker


EXi Wok Cooker Range

A premium quality wok cooker that combines extreme performance with an innovative design.

ACK Catalogue price list exi range wok wooker


Induction Wok Cooker Range

Providing rapid and powerful heating with easy maintenance for greater convenience and efficiency.

ACK Catalogue price list induction range wok wooker


Multi Purpose Dim Sum Steamer Eco Range

Ideal for preparing Dim Sum and Rice Roll/Chung Fung dishes to an excellent standard.

ACK Catalogue price list eco steamer range


Pork & Duck Roaster Oven Eco Range

A faster, more energy efficient way of cooking Crispy Pork and Peking Duck.

ACK Catalogue price list eco roaster oven


Teppanyaki Griddle

A powerful and efficient griddle, ideal for front of house teppanyaki or similar cooking.

ACK Catalogue price list teppanyaki griddle


Heavy Duty Stockpot Cooker

Full product specifications, images and prices to be announced, please contact us for details.

ACK heavy duty stockpot cooker


Wok Range

Professional high quality wok range suitable for commercial and home use.

ACK Catalogue price list wok range


Cooking Utensils

A range of high quality cooking utensils to meet your kitchens needs.

ACK Catalogue price list cooking utensils


Ventilation Systems

High performance kitchen ventilation systems providing a clean, comfortable and safe working environment.

ACK Catalogue price list extraction systems


Carbon Cell Filter Systems

Designed for ease of installation and incorporation into ducted ventilation systems, purifying incoming and extract air flows.

ACK carbon cell


HVAC Documents

DW172 HVCA Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Since its publication in 1999, the HVCA’s Standard for Kitchen Ventilation Systems (DW/171) has sold an impressive 2,300 copies. More importantly, it has become widely acknowledged as the standard for kitchen ventilation design throughout in the UK.’

Please note this is preview copy of the document. The full version is available to purchase here. Contact us for assistance if you have any enquiries or require advice regarding this document and its specifications.

Ventilation In Catering Kitchens – HSE Information Sheet No 10

This guidance provides information on ventilation requirements for kitchens. The guidance will assist caterers in assessing whether existing ventilation is adequate. It will also be useful for planning the ventilation specification for new or refurbished kitchens. The guidance advises on management as well as design and performance issues that are specific to catering.

DEFRA Control of Odour and Noise From Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Problems associated with nuisance odour and noise emissions from commercial kitchen exhausts are very common, particularly in urban areas where housing may be adjacent to or even immediately above catering premises. These premises might include pubs, clubs, restaurants and takeaways that may be open until the early hours of the morning.

Gas Safe Register Technical Bulletin 140 (April 2012)

This Technical Bulletin has been developed in conjunction with the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) and replaces HSE Guidance Note Catering Information Sheet 23 (CAIS23) for the catering sector, providing technical information for Gas Safe registered businesses/engineers and commercial kitchen designers.

An updated version of TB140 (Edition 2) was released in June 2014 and has since been superseded by IGEM/UP/19 in November 2014, see below for details.

HSE CAIS 23 (Revision 2) – Gas Safety In Catering and Hospitality

Revision 2 provides operators advice and guidance on relevant aspects of safety in the use and maintenance of gas-fired equipment in catering establishments.

IGEM/UP/19 (November 2014)

IGEM/UP/19 – Design and application of interlock devices and associated systems used with gas appliance installations in commercial catering establishments.

IGEM/UP/19 was introduced in November 2014 and supersedes TB140 (Edition 2) released in June 2014.

ESOS – Complying with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (2015)

Organisations which qualify for an ESOS audit are those defined as a ‘large undertaking’. This means a business or body employing at least 250 people or one with a yearly turnover of over €50 million (approximately £40 million) plus an annual balance sheet of at least €43 million (approximately £33.5 million).

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